Laminate Overview

Tried and true, laminate is all around you. And there are a million ways to use it. Did you know laminate is 70% paper? Not only is it regarded as the most environmentally friendly countertop surface, Laminate offers ultimate design and budget flexibility. Our surface textures offer a range from dramatic and playful to natural and subdued. The majority of our finishes feature our AEON™ Enhanced Performance Technology. Laminate with AEON™ Technology outperforms traditional laminate on wear resistance, as well as scratch/scuff/mar resistance.

laminate edge band.jpg

Not your fathers laminate...

Laminate technology has come a long way in recent years. The days of the boring or "ugly" square edges are over. Bullnose, crescent, beveled? Have your pick.


Budget friendly

We all love the look of quartz and granite, but not everyone has or needs stone in their respective budgets. With the edges, patterns and durability that a quality laminate offers, and at a fraction of the cost of most Quartz, laminate may provide the option you've been looking for...

wilsonart beveled edge.jpg

Options, options, options...

From your choices of edging to the choices in patterns and everything in between... when cost is taken into consideration, no other countertop offers as many options.